ZEDNER, JOSEPH (1804–1871), German bibliographer. Zedner, born in Glogau, taught at a Jewish school in Strelitz, Mecklenburg, and was a tutor in the home of the book dealer and publisher Adolph Asher (1800–1853) of Berlin before becoming a bookseller himself. In 1846 he was appointed translator and later assistant librarian in the Hebrew division of the British Museum, London, a post he held until 1869 when he retired to Berlin. He supplied leopold zunz and moritz steinschneider with a great deal of bibliographical information. His main work was the Catalogue of the Hebrew Books in the Library of the British Museum (1867). He also edited Abraham Ibn Ezra's commentary on the Book of Esther (1850). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: M. Steinschneider, in: Magazin fuer die Literatur des Auslandes (1871), 628–30 (= Gesammelte Schriften (1925), 628–34. ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: AZJ (February 6, 1872), 116–18; G. Deutsch, in: JE, 12 (1906), 650–51; JL, 5 (1930), 1542; D. Kaufmann, in: ADB, 44 (1898), 749–53; F.D. Lucas and M. Heitmann, Stadt des Glaubens. Geschichte und Kultur der Juden in Glogau (1991), 475–78, G. Pelger, in: Festschrift fuer Prof. Dr. M. Brocke (2005); Wininger, in: JNB, 6 (1979), 352. (Alexander Tobias / Gregor Pelger (2nd ed.)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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